I Highly recommend RD Tax, both of our R&D Projects have been a success, and the team assisted and supported us through the whole process, the success of our claim has enabled us to invest and develop our Business resulting in increased profits Year on Year.

Job done - they got us a chunk of money back. And more importantly, they told us how to record data/costings/purchases etc to make future claims easier. Some of the contracting wording was abit confusing, but they answered my concerns in normal person speak.

Actually it was a great service from the initial chat with the team to being guided through the processes, from our side it was excellent, we supplied docs etc as required and you did the rest, great!

Good afternoon Allan most unusually I am slow in acknowledging the assistance you and the team made with our R&D claim, the claim has been most satisfactory and welcome in such times. As you are more than aware, I like the team, was very sceptical about this and did not expect to be successful. Now with our eyes fully open to the opportunity, we look forward to many further claims with you.

We're delighted with the service we receive from RD Tax. The whole process is an incredibly positive one, the people are great to deal with and the money we have received has facilitated some important reinvestment.

We were extremely happy with the professional service we received from RD Tax. Their staff dealt with our claim in a timely manner, offering us advice and Elizabeth was great, communicating with us along the way and offering support in anything we were unsure of. As this was our first claim, we were unsure of the process, but we were pleasantly surprised by how easy this was. This was due to RD Tax handling everything so well and payment for the claim was received in a timely manner.

2 Gerards Park, College Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1FZ

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