RD Tax work as an extension of our team. The process is simple and they provide our clients with good and honest advice. They are helpful, professional, and always available when my team has any questions.

My company has experienced a large increase in client enquiries in recent years, where the client has limited or no knowledge of R & D legislation. RD Tax are experts in this field, and I have been very happy to refer such clients to them, for expert assessment and advice. Without exception, the client has received swift and comprehensive professional advice, leading in most cases to a substantial cash injection via R & D Tax relief to which the client is fully entitled, but was previously unaware of.

RD Tax have always been professional and proactive during the time that I have worked alongside them. They go to extreme lengths to ensure a client’s claim is maximized and robust in light of the ever-changing R&D landscape. Their committed and collaborative approach provides full transparency to the clients at each stage of the claim. I would highly recommend working with R and D Reclaims.

2 Gerards Park, College Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1FZ

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